Melanie Rosewater


“Zombies take over the world. Your iphone is on its last legs. What’s a bottle of water good for?”



Gangly tall with the occasional knot of hard muscle, bone-thin so you can see her ribs, everything about Mel screams of androgyny and “probably a lesbian,” right up to her short pixie cut of strawberry blond hair. She tends to dress in baggy hoodies and equally baggy shorts or sweatpants, and is never found without a laptop in a bag.

Visible/Known Information

  • Deedname: Genius
  • Auspice: Irraka
  • Tribe: Iron Master
  • Lodge: Lodge of Spires
  • Pack: The Micks and Matches
  • Apparent Age: Mid to late 20s
  • Notable Things:
    • Smart as heck
    • Witty as heck
    • Incredibly high resources – once, for example, bought a nuke


Twice-Told Tales

  • She once bought a nuke, guys.



  • Vietnow by Rage Against the Machine

“Flex the cerebellum! Fire!
Somebody gotta shell ‘em
These evil angel lists, hittin’ the AM playlist
Paid to say this
That one inhuman, illegal, single woman
The one without a room
The transmissions whippin’ our backs
Yeah, comin’ down like bats from Stacey Koon
Terror’s the product you push
Well I’m a truth addict
oh shit I got a headrush…”

“You can do anything you want to
You can do anything…”



Pretend someone asked “What do you think of (character name)?” Answer it!

  • “Genius? TOTALLY in the closet. Like, I was at their packhouse and it was international coming out day, and she still refused. Love her to death, but the girl needs to just own up. I’ve got great gaydar, okay?” – Killjoy

* “Um, you know… Things are pretty tense between our packs right now, but Genius still takes the time to call and see how I’m doing and talk and help me out, and… Well, she’s really cool. I think we’re friends. If we weren’t, she probably wouldn’t let me drive Yvette, right?” - Ace-

  • “She’s so fucking smart, and funny, and talented, and pretty, and… Well… Even though my life’s a huge mess, she always makes time for me, and… I just feel good being around her. I don’t know if it’s the right decision, but I think it’s what I needed most. I still don’t know what she gets out of it.” — Ace
  • “Yeah, she’s got skinny arms. Yeah, she’s a fuckin’ turbo nerd. Yeah, she spends more time trollin’ Reddit than she spends on patrol. But if you’re lookin’ her over, thinkin’ she doesn’t look like much, and you’re thinkin’ of starting some shit? Ask yourself, and think real carefully. Do you actually wanna piss off the smartest person alive?” — Marion Hunter
  • “She’s the world record holder of Iron Master trials for a reason. She’s got you and everything about you figured out before you even know she’s there, and she’s written a computer virus to get you deported to Mexico before breakfast. I swear my packmate doesn’t sleep.” — Aoife McCullen

Melanie Rosewater

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