Galen Summers


“If I have to say I’m the alpha…I’m not the alpha.”



Galen, though he stands of about average stature and height, still carries with him a powerful calm aura. He’s got shaggy blonde hair (often streaked with silver-gray) and rough golden facial hair that covers most of his face. Galen is – as far as both pack alphas and Storm Lords go – laid back with a warm, comfortable charm to him, and tends to dress in khakis and button down dress shirts as if he’s always prepared for business. His wolf form is bulky and mostly white-coated, though there are shocks of blonde here and there.


Visible/Known Information

  • Deedname: Blondie
  • Auspice: Elodoth
  • Tribe: Storm Lord
  • Lodge: None Known
  • Pack: The Motley
  • Apparent Age: 30ish
  • Notable Things:
    • Allies/Contacts in Finance / Law
    • High Resources


Twice-Told Tales

Blondie and the Ivory Claws

“So I actually heard this one through the grapevine – Boss told Wizard who told me. An old story from Blondie’s younger days – back when he was a Ghost Wolf without a pack. Back then, the Pure had an ironclad hold on Long Island. They were led by an Ivory Claw named Vincent LaValle who had a beautiful wife, a beautiful house, and a giant pack. They were these big badasses, and the only pack that was nearby had their hands full defending their loci from the pure pack after the Pure destroyed their main one.”

“So out in Suffolk, on the south side of Montauk, there was a little cave, hard as hell to get to. In that cave lived a bedraggled Ghost Wolf we know as Galen. Back then he was just considered a playboy without much talent – yeah, yeah, look offended Galen, you know I love you – yet somehow he survived in that cave with almost no fresh water and almost no food for months with only himself and a big machete to rely on. He got skinnier and more scraggly and his hair looked awful which I’m sure is what was the worst of it for him – but he survived for month after month and the Pure could never run him off. He was persistent.”

“And then the time came. Galen had gotten ahold of the two packs out west and he coordinated a strike against the Pure – and he was the leader of this strike, having been in their territory for long enough to learn their patrol routes. In one swell perfect moment, he left his cave, broke in to Vincent LaValle’s home, and stole that Ivory Claw’s wife’s heart – as well as their locus. Because that wife was Tricia, Galen’s current wife. I’d bet my ass that it was that long waiting near-starving that god the Storm Lords to look his way. I’d also bet that’s how he became such a good alpha – because through that he learned patience and cunning.”

What to Do with Eliza

“Well – my sister was mated to an Ivory Claw bastard. He’s not even worthy of you knowing his name – he is a smudge on uratha history. She became pregnant with his child. As an uragarum, this meant that her child was going to be either blooded or uratha. Either way, it meant that were we to let things run their course, she would soon be adding another enemy to the fight against the urdaga.”

“We kidnapped my sister, and bound her to a chair deep in our territory. The anshega bastards had taken one of ours, and so we took one of theirs – two, if you counted the pregnancy. I knew – and Blondie knew – that the easiest way to handle this situation was to kill my sister. Still, he was just, he was fair – he listened to me. He explained all the alternatives to me – the harder ones, the ones that almost certainly wouldn’t work or almost certainly would make things worse for us. He laid out how dangerous they were, and even though I – like my sister – was just an uragarum at the time, he took my words seriously and gave them weight.”

“In the end, he made a sound judgment that did not get my sister killed – but instead got her to our side of the war. It got us our packmate back. It got rid of the anshega. And I say this so that you know that Blondie is not only honorable, that he respects the low – but he is cunning.”



“Burning the ground I break from the crowd
I’m on the hunt I’m after you
I smell like I sound. I’m lost and I’m found
And I’m hungry like the wolf
Strut on a line it’s discord and rhyme
I’m on the hunt I’m after you
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I’m hungry like the wolf.”



Pretend someone asked “What do you think of (character name)?” Answer it!

  • “I guess we sort of just fell in together when nobody was looking. We’ve got a good working relationship—we complement each other.” — Shawn Hart
  • “Every once in a while, no matter who the fuck you are, you need somebody to take you down a peg. That’s what Blondie and I do for each other. It’s not a nice favor, but we both need it. And we both understand that.” — Jacy Carlson
  • “He’s got this infuriating habit of being right all the goddamn time. I hate it.” — Xander Carlson
  • “Galen and I go back a long ways. Sometimes I feel like he still thinks of me as the little kid I was when we first met, but…at the end of the day he’s still a guy you know you can talk to. And when another pack’s close by enough to raise your hackles now and again, that’s an asset.” — Marion Hunter
  • “Galen is always cool as a cucumber – or well, at looking like he is. There are very few things that cause him to snap or tense up. I’ve got how to do them on a lockdown, I’ll tell you that.” — Eliza LaValle
  • “A chess grandmaster with all the things he can pull off. He’s a good alpha for our pack. We’re a motley crew, after all.” — Eden LaValle
  • “Mom always told me if you didn’t have anything nice to say, to not say it. I mean, I guess at least he showed up to save me when I needed it. But – he’s at least a little like Ted Bundy. If Xander hadn’t told me he was lying through his teeth, I’d have thought he was handsome and super nice. Which, y’know, suits for the victims who got into Ted’s car.”Felicity Mayweather
  • “Okay, look, I know my opinion changed vastly in such a short time, but he’s honestly not, like, a bad guy? He has reasons behind his things. I don’t even remotely think of him as Ted Bundy anymore. He’s a good guy, and surprisingly good at explaining the basics when you need to know them.” — Felicity Mayweather

Galen Summers

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