Desmond Kitteridge

Maverick Detective


Kitteridge is a tall man, athletic erring on the side of thin. He’s typically seen in business-casual attire: comfortable slacks, functional shoes, and button-down shirts with a tie that is either loose around his neck or a clip-on, depending on how likely someone is to try to grab his tie to strangle him that day.

He walks, talks, and all-around behaves with a kind of brisk, no-time-for-this confidence. His eyes are at all times alert and attentive, deliberately full of focus on whatever he’s looking at—which is probably why he has very little patience for those who waste his concentration.

Kitteridge has the foulest mouth in the entire police department, and about this he is entirely unapologetic. His heavily-accented speech identifies him to any knowing New Yorker of his thoroughly Brooklyn upbringing.


Detective Kitteridge can usually be seen around the Town of Hempstead Police Precinct, where he works murder and gang-related violence cases for the Nassau County Police Department. He is almost stereotypically like someone out of a cop drama on TV. He’s a maverick who doesn’t play by the rules, seems to buck protocol and authority at every turn, but gets away with it because he always seems to get the job done.

A lot of that is just appearances. Kitteridge does do boring things like file paperwork and take care of other mundane police responsibilities. He does report to his superiors, and while he occasionally does break the rules, he tries to conduct most of his operations “above-bawd” whenever possible. He takes his job seriously, and most of his co-workers know that his blustering foul mouth is just his way of blowing off steam.

Lately, Kitteridge’s life has seen a whirlwind of changes. He’s learned through painful experience that several half-remembered moments in his life were actually moments spent in the throes of Death Rage—that, when he is truly provoked, he is apt to lose his mind and turn into a monster. As an uragarum with a rare gift, he has been dragged into the Hunt with Annette and Claire Poulin, the latter of whom he has become increasingly attached to.


Claire Poulin is his ex-girlfriend. Though it seemed for a while he was still harboring feelings for Claire, he seems to have moved on to Eliza LaValle, much to the dismay of his packmates.

He has expressed frustration with and even distaste for Felicity Mayweather in the past, but he seems to have gotten over it now. Mostly.

He has very infrequent contact with Max, and their relationship seems to still be deciding what it is. Sometimes these two seem totally aligned; sometimes they seem to dismiss or dislike each other.

He seems to mostly find Kim Huynh annoying.

He’s only met Uma Choudhary once so far; the two don’t talk.

Desmond Kitteridge

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