Annette Poulin



Real Name: Annette Poulin
Deed Name: Shrike
Auspice: Cahalith (Gibbous Moon)
Tribe: Storm Lord (Iminir)

Annette is a pretty blond woman who appears to be at peak physical fitness for someone of early middle age. She carries herself with an upright, regal posture at all times, and her eyes are hardened with an imperious defiance—as if she dares all who look upon her to challenge her resolve.

Like her daughter, she seems to favor cheap thrift clothes, although her tastes tend a little more toward comfort and function: form-fitting jeans, tanktops, and light boots are the norm. Her right arm is covered in a full-sleeve tattoo, depicting storm clouds rolling down her bicep.

She speaks fluent French, which seems to be her native language—her English is tinged with a distinct Quebecois accent.


Annette was last seen by her daughter, Claire Poulin, almost a decade ago. According to Claire, she caught her mother sneaking out one night, and traced her to an affair she was having with a man; these events supposedly led to her parents’ divorce, and Annette’s subsequent departure from her life.

Annette firmly denies this version of events, but as of yet has not been forthcoming as to what precisely happened then. According to her, the First Change drove a wedge between her and Claire’s father, as long absences and late nights became increasingly difficult to explain. It reached a boiling point when Claire followed her one night, witnessed her shapeshifting in front of her pack, and Lunacy compelled her to rationalize what she saw as an illicit affair; it broke when the local Pure, who dominated the area, threatened to kill her husband and daughter if she did not leave town.

After leaving her family, she traveled with her pack to Toronto, where she lived for almost ten years before the Pure caught up with them. So far she has been silent about what exactly happened in that struggle. Her spirit brands tell of her valor—of Anshega impaled to trees in humilation, of rivers flooded to deter pursuit—but it seems that, whatever went on, the rest of her pack did not survive.

A vision from Luna directed her to New York to reunite with her lost daughter. Since then, Annette has been fiercely protective of Claire.


Claire Poulin is her daughter, and clearly her top priority.

She regards Felicity Mayweather with respect, although sometimes with a healthy dose of skepticism.

She was wary of Kim Huynh at first, but seems to have embraced her fellow Cahalith. She holds her in high esteem, and is usually the first to warn others about underestimating Slapstick.

She has, in the past, openly questioned—and almost defied—the leadership of Max. Lately she has cooled off on these things, and seems willing to defer to him. For now.

She finds Desmond Kitteridge to be a useful packmate, although her patience for him has considerably thinned of late. She seems to think him expendable.

Uma Choudhary is not a person she has had very much opportunity to notice.

Annette Poulin

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