Xander Carlson

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“You know what happens when people tell me to relax?”



Xander bums around in jeans that probably haven’t seen a washer in years and band t-shirts, spiked leather jackets tossed over his shoulders. His hair – ginger – falls around his face in curls. Half the time, he’s not bothered to shave. He’s got an easy-going lackadaisical attitude to him until the moment someone tries to snarl at him or tell him to do something he has no intention to do – where suddenly a flip seems to be switched in his head and he’ll get right in their face, ready to take them down.

Visible/Known Information

  • Splat: Wolfblood
  • Tell: Exciting
  • Pack: The Motley
  • Apparent Age: Early 20s
  • Notable Things:
    • High Academics
    • Strong
    • Smells GREAT.




“And don’t forget objectivity,
or non-aggressive authority,
or equal opportunity,
these things do not exist!
So what about life without suffering
or a moment where nobody’s dying
or a flower immune from withering?
oh these things do not exist!
Sadam Hussein’s weapons of mass destructoin
American nuclear arms reduction
Women safe from my powers of seduction -

“You know ‘cause in some portions
You’ll think she’s the best thing in the world
She’s so fly, she’ll drive you right out of your mind
Steal your heart when you’re blind
Beware she’s schemin’, she’ll make you think you’re dreamin’
You’ll fall in love and you’ll be screamin’ dreamin’
Poison deadly moving it slow.”



Pretend someone asked “What do you think of (character name)?” Answer it!

  • “Uh, look, that’s complicated. Sometimes he’s right here with me and I still miss him. Now if you don’t get away from me, I will make sure you’re added to the sex offender registry and your credit score is ruined.” – Eliza LaValle
  • “He and Galen are more alike than either of them would ever admit.” – Eden LaValle
  • “Technically he’s only a coz, but to me he’s a brother.” – Jacy Carlson
  • “Oh – you’re asking me about Xander? Well, um, you know, for being a guy I haven’t even gone on a second date with yet, I really like him. Really really. I feel like I could talk with him for hours and not run out of things to say, and he’s – just, incredibly strong and yet incredibly kind at the same time? And he’s honest, and he makes me laugh more than I think anyone ever has, and he’s cute too, he’s like this incredibly nearly perfect just kind of bad at math package. And he gets protective of me. Oh, I’m so sure I’m going to mess it up by being comfortable. Don’t – mention all that to him?”Felicity Mayweather
  • “How I feel for Xander is meant for me and Xander. But my brother says I get goopy when talking to him, and Mom says I have a glow, and Xander nearly wrecked his car after I told him – so, you know. Take that for what you will.” — Felicity Mayweather

Xander Carlson

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