Kim Huynh

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“Moral support! That’s me."



Kim is a petite girl of Vietnamese ancestry, normally found wearing slightly goofy outfits (she wears flannel a lot), or outfits that look like something that hasn’t been trendy since the mid-’90s. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the first impression she typically leaves is one of an overly excitable puppy. She’s always happy to meet new people, and she practically boils over with enthusiasm when it comes to learning about them. She seems to make friends easily, and for these friends she’s always willing to offer a helping hand.

Visible/Known Information

  • Deedname: Slapstick
  • Auspice: Cahalith
  • Tribe: Hunters in Darkness
  • Lodge: None
  • Pack: Bonfire
  • Apparent Age: Late-teens
  • Notable Things:
    • Bouncy
    • Highly intelligent
    • Crafty




“Sometimes there’ll be tears!
But you’ll give it your all.
There’s nothing to be afraid of!
It’s better to be excited!
You’ve got such big dreams!
That’s why you’ll give it your all.”

“I hope I didn’t scare you.
That’s just the way we are when we come down.
We sweat and laugh and scream here.
’Cause life is just a dream here.
You know inside you feel right at home, here.
Yeah, Welcome to my nightmare…”



Pretend someone asked “What do you think of (character name)?” Answer it!

  • Aaaah, I’m so happy I met Kim! She’s so cute and so nice and INCREDIBLY smart and I’ve honestly never felt like someone got me as fast as she did and I just feel like I immediately found my best friend. She answers all my questions as thoroughly as she can and she never seems annoyed and then we can just sit there in silence next to each other and it isn’t awkward it’s just comfortable. Honestly if I’m happy to find out I’m related to werewolves for any reason, it’s because I got to meet Kim out of it.” — Felicity Mayweather
  • “Oh yeah? Here, lemme write down what you said, so you can read it over in a couple years and realize what a fuckwit you are.” – Max
  • “Kim is literally the best friend anyone could ask for. She supports you in anything that you do. She believes in you no matter what. I’m so glad to say she’s my best friend and I’m so glad I can help her not feel alone.”Felicity Mayweather

* “Slappy is an obnoxious ball of encouragement who likes killing maybe a little too much. She’s the kind of person who’d be a mass-murderer if she didn’t have an outlet. At least when it comes to horrible shit there seems to be no end in sight.” - Claire Poulin-

* "Do not underestimate Slapstick. She is the smartest uratha in this pack-and I include myself in that consideration. And while she normally sticks to a supportive role, she has a penchant for violence that will develop into absolute terror for her enemies as she grows stronger. Most people don’t seem to think much of her, but I think if she wants to she’ll be an Alpha someday. From what I’ve heard, it’s in her blood." - Annette Poulin

  • “She’s a’rite sometimes. But usually she just fuckin’ annoys me. And she goes along with whateva crazy shit Mayweatha is sayin’. Theah a bad combination.” — Desmond Kitteridge
  • “She’s really nice, but there’s something kind of off about her too. It’s only sometimes. Like when we were all roasting marshmellows, and she got suddenly really cranky about the way Claire was doing it? There was something weird and dark in her eyes that I didn’t like. I’m okay to hang out, but I don’t think I’d want to be alone in the room with her, y’know…?” — Uma Choudhary

* “Okay, don’t get me wrong, Kim is still kind of a psycho. And my mom said that to say that means I’m still too human or whatever, but really, no other werewolves are about to go bananas over how you eat a marshmellow. Still, she was the first one there when I First Changed, and believe me, I was 100% on board with her sympathetic shoulder-to-cry-on schtick right then and there. I dunno if we’ll ever be great friends, but I do appreciate that she was there for me.” - Ace-

  • “Kim is incredible – she’s smart, she’s cute, she’s the cheerleader bouncing around to the side to get us revved up when we need it. She’s honestly, earnestly my best friend. There’ve been times when I’ve struggled and just didn’t know who to talk to about things, and I finally just vomited it all out to Kim and she just nodded. She didn’t really judge me, just explained things, pointed things out, told me who to talk to and how, and supported me through it, and that’s exactly what I needed. She’s number one in my book. Scylla and Slappy, best friends for life.” — Scylla
  • “I keep thinking about if I had stayed instead of Kim, would things have gone this way. Would they have ended up so completely fucked. She’s right, I did end up on the wrong side. I had my reasons, and I never felt like I was actually on that side, but what does it matter? It all ended up the same. I can only hope that she ends up with a pack that loves her, makes her strong, and that she ends up as a fucking monster, kickass Alpha some day. I’d like to live long enough to see that, I think. " – Ace
  • “I regret losing her, but in the end her stubborn, sentimental loyalty outweighed even her remarkable intellect. Wherever she goes, whatever pack she joins, I know she will be a blessing and an asset to them. I wish her all the best, and hope to see her realize her full, considerable potential someday—even if she despises me.” — Annette Poulin
  • “I’m – I never deserved Kim. Never ever. I hope I live long enough to hear stories about how incredible she is.” – — Unnamed

Kim Huynh

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