Garrett Klein


“I’m an explorer. An archaeologist, even, if you’re feeling saucy.”



Lumberjack’s rather attractive if you’re in to the rough and dirty sort of thing (and if you don’t mind Felicity getting a little horrified that you’re into her dad). He’s got a bushy beard and equally bushy brown hair. He’s tall and muscular — the sort of muscles that come with, well, chopping down trees or digging. He always seems to be wearing the same worn flannel shirt and worn jeans with equally well worn boots. His calm and confident demeanor carries through in how he stands.


Visible/Known Information

  • Deedname: Lumberjack
  • Tribe: Fire-Touched
  • Lodge: Unknown
  • Pack: Unknown
  • Apparent Age: Young-30s
  • Notable Things:
    • Charismatic
    • Silver-Tongued
    • Spirits Love Him!!


Twice-Told Tales



“coming soon”


Pretend someone asked “What do you think of (character name)?” Answer it!

  • “He looks at me and sees a zealot. I look at him and see the same.” – Penny
  • “Who? Oh, Lumberjack? Dirty. But, y’know what they say about crazy, rough boys…Plus, like, he’s like leading the fashion of hipster boys right now. I wonder if he even knows? Ugh, no, no he probably doesn’t stay caught up on fashion…” – Killjoy
  • “He’s – my father. And – he’s – I. Hm. I’m not sure what I think half the time. He’s honestly good and seems kind, as far as werewolves go, you know, and he’s – well, he’s a lot different than I ever thought he’d be. I respect him. I’m – not sure what I think.” Fliss
  • “Look, take my advice. When you see him, just kick his fuckin’ teeth in straight off. Less of a headache that way.” — Marion Hunter
  • “I think it’s fair to say that we have a complicated relationship. On the one hand, he’s one of a rare few Anshega to possess any kind of redeeming quality. On the other hand, that’s all the more reason to despise him.” — Shawn Hart
  • “Kill on sight.” — Max
  • “It’s a complicated relationship. He doesn’t like the people that I’ve packed with or those I learn from – and I can’t say I like those that he’s packed with. He doesn’t like the Tribe I’ve chosen and I don’t necessarily agree with a lot of what his Tribe does. He doesn’t even necessarily like how I may handle spirits and definitely hates the brands that are on me that I’ve earned. But he loves me. I’m his daughter. He named me when I was a baby, tried to meet me and learn about me every day since I was born, and now that we’ve finally spoken, even though we’re on opposite sides of a great divide and people in his pack want to eat my liver and people in my pack want to rip out his — I dunno. I think I’ll always be grateful that he’s my Dad. We may never meet on much, we’ll never be pack, but he’s still my dad and I’m still his daughter.” — Fliss

Garrett Klein

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