Annette Poulin

Annette Poulin

“A mother knows what her child’s gone through, even if she didn’t see it herself.”



Annette is a pretty blond woman who appears to be at peak physical fitness for someone of early middle age. She carries herself with an upright, regal posture at all times, and her eyes are hardened with an imperious defiance—as if she dares all who look upon her to challenge her resolve.

Like her daughter, she seems to favor cheap thrift clothes, although her tastes tend a little more toward comfort and function: form-fitting jeans, tanktops, and light boots are the norm. Her right arm is covered in a full-sleeve tattoo, depicting storm clouds rolling down her bicep.


Visible/Known Information

  • Deedname: Shrike
  • Auspice: Cahalith
  • Tribe: Storm Lords
  • Lodge: Unknown
  • Pack: Unknown
  • Apparent Age: Mid-Late Thirties
  • Notable Things:
    • French-Canadian
    • Calm and composed


Twice-Told Tales



“I see you roll your eyes
You know it makes me smile
You are like the sun to me
Bright as liquid fire
I feel so powerless
To hold you up above the world
You are quite a lot of trouble
Such a pretty little girl, such a pretty little girl
You know I’m never home
I’m always miles and miles away
I feel I’m runnin’ out of time
Say the things I need to say
Call you on the telephone
You will not talk to me
Yeah you just don’t understand
You are my everything”

“Oh help me Jesus
Come through this storm
I had to lose her
To do her harm
I heard her holler
I heard her moan
My lovely daughter
I took her home
Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water.
Come back here and give me my daughter.
Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water.
Come back here and give me my daughter.”


Pretend someone asked “What do you think of (character name)?” Answer it!

* “Things are complicated with my mom, but complicated is better than it used to be. Sometimes it can be weird, because she’s sort of cold, but I think after everything that’s fucking happened, that’s how she has to be. We’re still figuring out how to be a family together, but I think we’ll have plenty of time to get it right. I’m just grateful she’s here.” - Claire Poulin-

  • “She seems pretty nice from when I’ve talked to her. She gave me advice – a cub she didn’t even really know that well beyond I was part of Max’s pack. She’s really kind of got that …solid, strict, but maternal eight grade Literature instructor vibe, you know?”’ - ’Felicity Mayweather

* “Smart, and definitely no pushover. But these fuckin’ Iminir…you gotta watch ’em every second.” - Max-

* “Shrike’s great! Solid as a rock. And she really scares the pants off the Pure, which is something our pack kind of needs right now. That stuff about wanting to replace Max was kind of weird, but…I think she’s over that now?” - Kim Huynh-

  • “I was neva any good dealin’ wit’ people’s parents, and I’m even worse widdis weahwolf shit. It’s fuckin’ awkward, isn’t it?” — Desmond Kitteridge
  • “It’s kind of weird hanging around with somebody’s mom. And she’s quiet and never really talks to me. But I’m used to that.” — Uma Choudhary

* “My mom is… Well it’s weird, like, you’d think that since it’d been so long you’d feel like total strangers, but I dunno… She’s still definitely my mom to me. She gives me advice and says embarrassing stuff and sometimes she holds someone down and rips their arms off. Yeah, she’s still kind of cold, but not when it really counts. I feel like… I really feel like she came back when I absolutely needed her most. Now if we could cut down on the near-death experiences, I’d sleep a lot better.” - Ace-

  • “I really admire Shrike. She’s cool, she’s collected, she’s like an unshakable rock in a storm. When I did something stupid, she didn’t chide me or anything – I think on some level she knew how much I was doing it to myself – she just got ready, went with me, and dealt with it and backed me to the end. I look up to her a lot as an older Iminir. I guess I’ve even tried emulating her recently – and I’m going to keep doing that. She’s a great role model to have.” — Scylla
  • “Of course I’m mad at her and her fucking letter. I’m furious that she was so okay with leaving me, and on top of that, forcing my hand. I’m mad at her for even putting the idea in our heads. I told her we could’ve gone, just the two of us. We could’ve gone anywhere! But she’d have rather died. So yeah, I’m pissed, but she’s still my mom, and every part of me is relieved that she’s alive. I dunno for how long, but I can’t think about that. I’ll just try to make the most of it while she’s still here… That’s all I can do.” — Ace
  • “If I never pack with a Storm Lord again, she’ll be the reason. Fuckin’ Iminir.” — Max
  • “She’s strong, smart, and—mostly—honorable. But she turned her back on her pack when it needed her most, and for that I’ll never forgive her. I hope she gets sucked into a Shoal and dies of loneliness and starvation.” — Kim Huynh
  • “Thanks for the packmates. We’ll treat them with the kindness and decency they deserve.” — Bluejay
  • “I didn’t make the right choice initially. I know that. But I’m – glad that everyone’s alive. That’s what matters to me in the long run. That everyone’s alive.” — Scylla

Annette Poulin

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