Xander Carlson

Armchair Philosopher


Xander likes to present himself as something of a Renaissance Man. He’s a scholar, and thinker, he’ll tell you. He’s also an artist (poet, actually), DIY handyman, and whatever other label of talent he can think to stick on himself at any point in time. Those who think he’s an empty bag of hot air are often surprised that this eccentric wolf-blooded is most often capable of putting his money where his mouth is.

First impressions of Xander vary depending on where you’re coming from. To an ordinary member of the Herd, he often comes across as passionate to the point of hot-tempered; reckless, in a totally cavalier way; and otherwise beyond weird. In the world of the uratha, however, Xander is thought of as a stabilizing influence.

He’s less of a hot-tempered maniac than your average werewolf or wolf-blooded, you see. And it’s for this reason that his pack often sends him on errands which require cooler heads to prevail: whether that be helping to manage the Herd, or discussing a sensitive issue with a rival pack. And, given his wide array of talents, he’s used generally as a sort of utility knife for handling delicate tasks that a werewolf’s teeth and claws just aren’t suited to.

Xander is smart, and casual encounters with werewolves—friend and foe alike—have instilled in him powerful self-preservation instincts. He may be at a disadvantage against any uratha, but experience has taught him how to level the playing field—or, at least, how not to die.


Truth is, Xander’s a bit of a black sheep: the Carlson family’s potent blood is known for producing werewolves—and notoriously rebellious, mule-headed werewolves, at that—rather than wolf-blooded. Xander’s failure to undergo the First Change has made him a little bit of a stigma among some of his relatives.

All the same, he’s found his place in the Motley pack, with his cousin Jacy—who, being something of a black sheep herself, appreciates Xander for his brains and talent.

Xander has a long and sordid history of love affairs, both inside and outside his pack. For whatever reason (okay, it’s his scent—which people tend to find intoxicating), he is possessed of a kind of unintentional animal magnetism. But lately he has been sticking firmly with Felicity Mayweather, a young werewolf cub for whom he’s quickly developed a serious attachment.

Xander Carlson

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