Just Max


Real Name: Max
Deed Name: n/a
Auspice: Rahu (Full Moon)
Tribe: Blood Talons (Suthar Anzuth)

Max is a man of Hispanic ancestry who appears to be about 50 years old, give or take. He’s tall, but not supremely so; thick and stocky, but not overly imposing. At a first impression, he gives off the vibe of a grumpy old uncle or grandpa—the one who still works out, despite his advanced age, and remains stronger than many younger men.

He doesn’t leave a particularly lasting first impression, at least not in his human form. But new cubs who hear about him are often confused by this, because uratha society at large stands in awe and terror of this veteran werewolf. It’s not until these cubs see Max on the Hunt that they truly understand.

When he takes to battle, Max is a warrior without peer; his monstrous war-form is a towering terror of packed muscle and scarred fur that strikes awe in packmates and fear in everything else. When he’s on the war-path, he leaves nothing standing. And it’s for this reason that most People give him a very wide berth.


It’s said that Max was the alpha of his own pack half a century ago—but that this pack fell apart due to treachery and internal strife. Since then, Max has been on his own; a solo Siskur-Dah,and a long vigil, involving being the lone guardian of a sacred glade for over two decades.

As he’s gotten older, Max has made a slow return to the social scene. He mentored Jacy Carlson (a project which did not go terrifically well), and then took on Kim Huynh. Of this cub, for whatever reason, he seems particularly protective—and the two have since become tied by the bonds of pack.

Max is over a hundred years old, now, and as far as anyone living knows, he has never lost a one-on-one battle with anything. Ever. Even so, every once in a while, a young uratha or an upstart spirit gets it into his head that Max is well past his prime, and can’t really be the badass he used to be…


Max has left the Bonfire pack, along with Bluejay and his adopted daughter, Kim Huynh, of whom he remains fiercely protective. He seems to lay the blame for the splitting of the pack largely on the shoulders of Felicity Mayweather, although he plainly has no love for Annette Poulin either. His stance toward Claire Poulin is more dismissive: he sees her as a spineless cub who tucked tail instead of taking a stand.


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