Kim Huynh



Real Name: Kim Huynh
Deed Name: Slapstick
Auspice: Cahalith (Gibbous Moon)
Tribe: Hunters in Darkness (Meninna)

Kim is a petite girl of Vietnamese ancestry, normally found wearing slightly goofy outfits (she wears flannel a lot), or outfits that look like something that hasn’t been trendy since the mid-’90s.

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the first impression she typically leaves is one of an overly excitable puppy. She’s always happy to meet new people, and she practically boils over with enthusiasm when it comes to learning about them. She seems to make friends easily, and for these friends she’s always willing to offer a helping hand.

And she’s good at helping. Kim is highly intelligent, and possesses a wide array of skills. She’s extremely handy, and seems able to fix nearly any type of device, as long as she’s got the tools, the parts, and maybe a manual. She also seems extremely knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects.

On the whole, Kim is a good friend who loves to bring out the best in people.


It usually takes a while for people to see Kim’s darker, more predatory side. Her methodical and systematic nature is often seen as a blessing at first, but those who get to know her often find she takes it too far. She has to be neat. She can’t tolerate messes—at least not concerning things or places that belong to her.

Morale is a two-sided coin—and while Kim prefers to encourage her allies, when she is on the Hunt—which she is still very new to—she does seem to take a particularly perverse joy in terrorizing her foes. Often this is useful, but Kim is still very much in the process of learning to deal with her new instincts. Sometimes she needs to be reined in.

That said, among the uratha, Kim is still very close to humanity; so much so that other uratha may be inclined to mock her for it.


Kim has left the Bonfire pack with Bluejay and Max, whom she clings to and worships like a father. She seems to hold particular venom for Annette Poulin and Felicity Mayweather, but has expressed at least some mild degree of sympathy for Claire Poulin.

Kim Huynh

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