Felicity Mayweather



From elementary school teacher to mildly rebellious sweetheart, Felicity has gone through a few changes. She’s still got a sweet-as-can be look about her – her brown-gold hair coupled with warm smiles and blue eyes tend to scream trustworthy to people, after all. However, between some fires which burned away one side of her hair and, after that, some scissors that trimmed it, she’s now got herself a half-undercut on one side of her head and from a few fights she’s got some scars on the left side of her face and ear showcased by this, she’s developed a harder edge. Even her clothing style has changed mildly. Oh, sure, there’s still a lot of cardigans, and her skirts tend to fall below the knees, but she tends to wear them a little more for utility now than she did previously.

Her time as a uratha has changed her, physically and mentally. Physically, she’s grown more fit, though she’s still lean, but mentally has shown the widest shift. While during her mortal life she had a kind word about most everyone and was adept at interacting with Herd, her interactions with spirits has left her becoming more and more used to their way of thinking and, often, an interaction with humans can leave her totally baffled. Ask her a question about spirits and she’ll be prone to answer instinctively – but ask her to talk to someone with even half-human senses and she’s liable to stick her foot in her mouth.

Especially lately she’s often lapsed into silence or cracking inappropriate jokes at bad times.


Felicity’s got a lot of stories to tell. Mostly, they’re about how she’s injured herself. The big unlucky stories she focuses on are: when she fell out of her bedroom window and broke an arm and a leg, when she got hit by a car and broke another arm and leg, “The Disney Incident,”, getting licked by a random dude in a gas station, getting nearly kidnapped by a pedophile. With the advent of uratha-hood, she’s gained more stories.

It all started when her brother was acting OCD and obsessed with electricity – so she threw water on him and he attempted to strangle her to death. She managed to get away and call Kim who came to help her get a spirit out of him. From there she swiftly found out she was wolf-blooded. It wasn’t long after this revelation that she first changed under the crescent moon and killed a duguthim claiming an elementary school teacher named Ms. Jensen. She went on a trial of simply swimming to some poles to become a Storm Lord. After some major teething problems, things for her were going well enough – until in an inner pack fight, she sided with Shrike – and has been struggling since.

  • Shrike is her Alpha and her Storm Lord role model. She feels like a dopey daughter who can’t quite do anything right, but – she appreciates her sticking with her.
  • Ace is her packmate. They get annoyed at each other pretty easily, and Fliss often thinks that Claire is indecisive and believes that Claire thinks she’s incompetent. She’s quite a bit jealous of Claire and her ties to everyone else in the pack.
  • She’s in love with Xander. She often texts him her problems and her angst. He seems to like it.
  • Garrett is her dad, who she adores and probably who she considers her emotional ally.
  • Heartseeker is one of her mentors who teaches her how to do rituals. She has a quiet crush on him and daydreams about being as badass in the Hisil. She quietly imagines that she will die well before reaching that point.
  • Galen is her other mentor, though less practically so. She bugs him for advice now and again but has taken to avoiding him lately.

Felicity Mayweather

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