Claire Poulin



Claire is the sort of girl who might read as ‘pretty’ on paper. 5’8", slim, pronounced hips, and with long lashes, grey eyes, and very full lips. But her too-large mouth is almost always twisted into a sneer or a scowl, and her eyes narrow critically as her body language says one thing loud and clear: fuck off.
She’s got a slowly increasing collection of scars: two small circular ones on her left side over her lung, and one on her shoulder blade. Around Claire’s neck are faint hatch-marks, like the bite of too many needle teeth. On her right side is a thick, stark gash of scar tissue that stretches over her collar— a reminder of Nightmarewolf.
Her hair is always a little wild, currently past her shoulders and a mix of bleach-blonde and four inch tawny-brown roots cut into chunky layers. Claire doesn’t dress especially well, preferring skinny jeans (of varying tightness), tanktops, and tshirts with boots or flats. Jewelry tends to be a single necklace or ring. The whole look is a bit grunge-y, especially as they go into the colder months and she adds flannel shirts and leather jackets.
On rare occasions she’s been known to wear a dress, usually in black or grey.


By the way she says her name with that throaty, phlegmy, Quebecois-emphasis, it’s easy to guess that Claire is French-Canadian. She moved to Long Island about three years ago, in the middle of her Freshman year. She graduated at the bottom of her class, and doesn’t seem to have any intention of going on to a university.
Instead, Claire has thrown herself head-first into the idea of becoming a detective and has been working to get herself into the Police Academy. She actually managed to pass the entrance exam, and seems to be looking forward to the rigorous curriculum.

Since her First Change, Claire, while stressed out, seems to be in a much better space mentally. Now clearly focused, she either has an emerging gift for mediation or she’s just desperately trying to hold her pack together. Lately she’s been focused on trying to strengthen the bond between her packmates outside of the Hunt.

  • Desmond Kitteridge is her ex-boyfriend, and someone she still cares quite a bit about. They seem to have both moved on, but Claire still pushes to keep him included and supported by the pack.
  • Shrike is her mother, and in mending their relationship has grown to love and rely on her. Losing her mother would be catastrophic.
  • Genius has become Claire’s official girlfriend, and is a source of emotional stability and guidance. Claire unquestioningly adores her.
  • Darren McCullen is her friend, and whatever issues they had they’ve apparently worked out.
  • Uma Choudhary has become fast friends with Claire, and inspires very protective feelings.
  • Killjoy has been described as a “huge pain in the ass” by Claire, and she regularly suppresses the urge to throw her down the stairs.
  • Boss is someone Claire really respects, trusts, and maybe is a tiny bit intimidated by.
  • Bluejay has quickly become friendly with Claire, and is someone she enjoys talking with.

Claire Poulin

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